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My online articles include topics of picture books, stewardship, and spiritual practices in the home.


Red Church Door Podcast: a conversation about “Today Is a Baptism Day” and adoption

I’m a bit of a podcast nerd, so I was excited and nervous for my first podcast interview. My conversation with Colin Chapman was warm and energizing. What began as a discussion of “Today Is a Baptism Day” unexpectedly and naturally moved into my experience of waiting to adopt as one of my most formative spiritual practices. If you have twenty minutes to spare, have a listen!


Building Faith: Talking Stewardship: A Gift To Young People

Those of us who parent and/or work with children and youth closely are called to talk about money with them. Yet, money is one of the most taboo topics in American culture and uncomfortable for many to discuss. When the topic of money feels overwhelming, I find encouragement in the simplicity of this story with my dad.


Luther Seminary: A Holy Process towards Stewardship Speaking: Part 2


Luther Seminary: A Holy Process towards Stewardship Speaking: Part 1

Even for those of us often given microphones, pulpits, or any other external sign of authority, there can still be deep anxiety in preaching about money. What do you need to enable yourself to preach the good news of stewardship?

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StoryPath: “Today Is a Baptism Day”

I originally created "Today Is a Baptism Day" to be used within my ministry and faith community. Here are suggestions on ways you too can use it in your ministry. 


Building Faith: Explore Baptism with Children Through Storytelling and Picture Books

Sometimes concepts like baptism can seem too large to talk about with our children. Where do we start? The good news is that children have a concept of God and a sense of the Holy that changes as they age. As adults, we can best support their faith by respecting their experiences while helping them find vocabulary and practices to sense, name, question, and wonder about God. (We don’t need to have all of the answers.) One of the best places to start is at home with our own sacred stories.


StoryPath: Space For God in Family Storytime

Q: How do I talk about God with my children?

A: Add space to notice God in family storytime.

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StoryPath: Wondering With Sacred Stories

“I wonder where God is in this story.”

Every Sunday for seven years during worship at Nativity Episcopal Church in Burnsville, Minnesota I read a storybook to my congregation, and invited them to wonder where God was in the story.  Rarely did the stories I chose mention God by name, but I believe they are all Sacred.  Why illustrated stories for worship?


StoryPath: Assembling and Managing a Picture Book Library

Assembling and managing a picture book library takes time and resources, but it can be joyful work. Here are a few things I learned as I grew the picture book library of my former congregation, Nativity Episcopal Church.