An ideal book to read with children to wonder and learn about baptism. Grounded in the Episcopal liturgical tradition, it is an accessible and inviting introduction to baptism for children and families of many Christian traditions.The beautiful illustrations reflect the diversity of God's people. While learning what occurs during a baptism service, the reader (both child and parent) will be guided through the sacramental and communal aspects of the celebration. 

A dedication page encourages personalization of the book, making it a perfect baptism gift. A family section offers questions and suggests ways to go deeper in conversation about baptism, making it a resource that families will use again and again with their children.

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“Anna V. Ostenso Moore's new book, ‘Today is a Baptism Day,’ gently and yet passionately reminds us that we are all invited to be in relationship with God, and that baptism is a powerful embrace of God's never-ending love. Matching the lively spirit of her words are Peter Krueger's compelling illustrations, sparking joy on the part of the reader. This is a book to give, to treasure, and to have in the library of all faith communities. Well done!”
—The Rev. Lindsay Freeman, Author of Bible Women and The Spy on Noah's Ark

 “This delightfully illustrated book beautifully unfolds the theology of baptism within an expansive vision of who we are as members of the Body of Christ.”
—The Rev. Canon Anne E. Kitch, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Bethlehem

“Ostenso Moore’s story and Krueger’s artwork combine to create a wonder-filled resource for families bringing their children to be baptized.”
—The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, Ph.D., Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood, The Godly Play Foundation

“With its colorful and inclusive illustrations, and poignant and simple text, The Reverend Anna V Ostenso Moore’s ‘Today is Baptism Day’ is a must have resource for anyone preparing for baptism.”
—The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, Bishop, Episcopal Church in Minnesota

“Today is a Baptism Day is beautiful at every level: artistically, theologically, scripturally, and communally. The stunning artistry perfectly weaves depictions of a variety of families who might bring their infant to the baptismal font; the text is poetically straightforward, with layers of meaning to be uncovered and rejoiced in over the years of celebrating a child's baptism. An instant keepsake!”
—The Rev. Emmy Kegler, pastor, Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis


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